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About The Chronic Cost

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Saving Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Companies with 50-500 Employees

Understanding Health Insurance

Your business has a Chronic Cost condition known as Health Insurance. The Chronic Cost allows Owner's, CEO's, CFO's, Human Resources Managers, Controllers and any other individual who is a part of the employee benefits buying process, to learn on your own time about how your premium rates are priced, why you receive increases, and what you need to do to fix it.

What's the Solution?

Most brokers can identify the problem with health insurance. Rarely, do we meet another broker that has the solutions to fix the problem.

"If employers with over 50 employees are not managing their claims, then they will continue to be on the hamster wheel of retail fully insured and bundled self-funded plans with average increases of 7-15%." said Clayton Wood. "Their broker's only solution to keep costs low is to lower the benefits or shift the cost the the employees. We efficiently manage claims that employers no longer have to shift costs to the employees and can improve benefits, like $0 out-of-pocket surgeries, all at a lower cost than before."

The Chronic Cost will walk you through how to take control of your health insurance and will equip you with knowledge on how your health insurance plan functions. Understanding that acting on data to build an efficient health care supply chain is the only way to fix your health insurance problem.

More About C. B. Wood Financial

C. B. Wood Financial was founded due to the lack of customized employee benefits strategies in the mid-sized market that large employers have access to. After studying these large employers, our Managing Partner, Clayton Wood, was able to deconstruct their claim strategy solutions to be able to offer them to companies with 50-500 employees. C. B. Wood Financial is known for our cost containment strategies for health plans that lowers the per employee per year cost for companies to increase profit and improve benefits for employees to help with retention. C. B. Wood Financial has always been a data and solution driven firm focused on fixing the health insurance industry.

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Ready to Take Control of Your Company's Chronic Cost?

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