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About C. B. Wood Financial

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A Firm Build on the Client's Interest

C. B. Wood Financial was established with a mission to revolutionize the traditional health insurance industry, which has long been plagued by escalating premiums prioritizing broker and vendor interests over those of consumers. Our company is dedicated to placing clients' needs at the forefront, adopting an advisory approach with a compensation model based on savings.

Founded on the principles of improved predictability, better outcomes, and aligned interests, C. B. Wood Financial transcends individual figures to focus on delivering unparalleled solutions as a company. The inception of C. B. Wood Financial arose from the observation of a gap in customized employee benefits strategies for mid-sized companies, compared to those available to larger enterprises. Clayton Wood, Managing Partner, leveraged insights gained from studying large employers to deconstruct claim strategy solutions, making them accessible to companies with 50-500 employees.

Distinguished for our innovative cost containment strategies for health plans, C. B. Wood Financial is committed to lowering per-employee-per-year costs for companies, enhancing profitability, and optimizing benefits to foster employee retention. As a data and solution-driven firm, we remain steadfast in our commitment to rectifying issues within the health insurance industry.


6414 Wilkinson Blvd. #329

Belmont, NC 28012




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