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A Firm Build on the Client's Interest

C. B. Wood Financial was founded to fix the broken traditional health insurance industry. Centered around increasing premiums for higher compensation, the health insurance industry has put the interests of the broker and vendor above the consumers'. C. B. Wood has brought an advisory approach to the table that puts their clients' needs first with a compensation model that is based on savings.  

Clayton Wood, CFP®

C. B. Wood Financial LLC founder, Clayton Wood, began his career in Charlotte, NC as a Consultant with the Vanguard Group, the second largest mutual fund family in the world and the originator of the index fund, which is where Clayton's foundation of his financial consulting ideology began: improved predictability, better outcomes, and aligned interests.

In his journey, Clayton found a disconnect between small and mid-sized businesses and the access to innovative solutions that large corporations are offered for their Employee Benefit and Retirement Plans. Small and mid-sized businesses are forced into standard, "off-the-shelf," solutions that are inefficient, non-transparent, and have a short-term outlook. We bring a unique consultative approach to the small and mid-sized business market, which improves the long-term success of our clients.

As an employer's largest investment is their employees, C. B. Wood Financial was founded to improve the overall well-being of the employee, while increasing the bottom-line of the employer. 


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