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Cars Formation

Free Off the Lot

Car Dealership

A Car Dealership with 124 employees at multiple locations understood that they had a claims problem, but never knew there were solutions to those problems. The employees benefit from our cost containment strategies due to the improved offerings of free outpatient surgery, imaging, telemedicine, and prescriptions all wrapped with their PPO plan. The employer will receive a $314,129.14 reduction in cost with a goal to lower employee premiums to $0 next year. 


Total Cost Reduction

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Sewing it Together

Furniture Manufacturer

A national Furniture Manufacturer with 152 employees was facing a large increase for their medical renewal. With C. B. Wood Financial's advisory services, the company was able to reduce their annual spend by $366,391 and lower their Per Employee Per Year cost to $7,915, well below the national average. The employees enjoyed a lower deductible and out of pocket maximum, as well as a $0 copay for their prescriptions.


Total Cost Reduction

Ice Truck

At No Cost

Distribution Franchisor

Franchisor with over 200 franchises in all 50 states with a big 5 Insurance Brokerage firm was used to accepting their annual 8%-15% increase from their insurance carrier due to their broker convincing them it was their, "best," option. By deconstructing their retail plan, our firm was able to find $208,250 in first year savings with the same benefits. Because of the high savings, the client was able to offer a $0 out of pocket plan at no additional cost to the employer or employee.


Total Cost Reduction

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Supplying Savings

Construction Material Supplier

An International Construction Material Supplier received an increase from their retail carrier that would make the Employee Only coverage cost over $800 per month due to a few high claiming employees. Through our claims management, the company received $155,690 of annually savings and the Employee Only cost is now below $500 per month. 


Total Cost Reduction


Custom Solution

Pipe Manufacturer

With 88 employees enrolled in their Retail Health Insurance plan, this pipe manufacturing was in need to make a change due to the over 20% increase they received at renewal. By building the company a Custom Benefit Plan, we saved $134,854 by increasing predictability of cost, improving patient outcomes, lowering risk of high claimants, and aligning vendor and carrier interests with the company. 


Total Cost Reduction

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