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Reinventing Healthcare


Data Driven Strategic Solutions

Increased Predictability 

Analyzing the aggregation of claims data to identify better healthcare supply chain management solutions and increasing our client's bottom line.

Improved Benefits

Utilizing Claims Management Strategies, Center of Excellence Physicians, and Sourcing Contracts to lower claims cost and improve benefits for the employees.

Aligned Interests

Employing transparent vendors in an advisor, not broker, capacity and are only compensating when our clients save money.

Case Study: Car Dealership

Free Off the Lot

A Car Dealership with 124 employees at multiple locations understood that they had a claims problem, but never knew there were solutions to those problems. The employees benefit from our cost containment strategies due to the improved offerings of free outpatient surgery, imaging, telemedicine, and prescriptions all wrapped with their PPO plan. The employer will receive a $314,129.14 reduction in cost with a goal to lower employee premiums to $0 next year. 

Total Cost Reduction

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