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Part 4 Overview: Real-World Examples of Managing Claims

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The Chronic Cost

Real-World Corporations Participating in Direct Contracting

You know by now that managing your claims can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of the largest organizations in the world participate in Direct Contracting because they had to find a solution to prevent them from bankruptcy.

"Giant corporations like Walmart, Intel Corp., and Boeing have proven that these strategies are an effective model for saving employees and employers money while improving the quality-of-care patients receive. Even though these can lead to dramatic savings, it is still somewhat of a secret outside of the insurance world." - Part 4 of The Chronic Cost by Clayton Wood.

Our firm, C. B. Wood Financial, has proven success with these claims management strategies. If you understand that claims management is the only way to manage your company’s healthcare Chronic Cost condition, let’s have a conversation on how this can be implemented for your company.

If you're interested in learning more about these cost saving strategies, get your FREE Download of The Chronic Cost: Saving Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Companies with 50-500 Employees, by Clicking Here!

Ready to Take Control of Your Company's Chronic Cost?

Follow the button below to schedule a consultation with C. B. Wood Financial today or visit our website to learn more:

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