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Understanding what goes into your health insurance premium is the
first step toward controlling your overall costs.

Watch the video below to learn more.


Your business has a Chronic Cost condition known as Health Insurance. The Chronic Cost allows Owner's, CEO's, CFO's, Human Resources Managers, Controllers and any other individual who is a part of the employee benefits buying process, to learn on your own time about how your premium rates are priced, why you receive increases, and what you need to do to fix it.

part one

Breaking down a Health Insurance Plan to help you understand what you are actually paying for.

part two

Walking through how claims are priced and paid with insurance reimbursements. 


part three

Diving into the solutions for lowering your Chronic Costs without sacrificing the quality of care. 


part four

Applying real-world examples of corporations who participate in Direct Contracting. 


C. B. Wood Financial was founded due to the lack of customized employee benefits strategies

in the mid-sized market that large employers have access to. After studying these large employers,

our Managing Partner, Clayton Wood, was able to deconstruct their claim strategy solutions to be able

to offer them to companies with 50-500 employees.


C. B. Wood Financial is known for our cost containment strategies for health plans that lowers the

per employee per year cost for companies to increase profit and improve benefits for employees to

help with retention. C. B. Wood Financial has always been a data and solution driven firm focused on fixing the health insurance industry.

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